Publishing fees

Authors need to pay publication fee for every kind of submitted papers (original, professional, review, case report) after receiving PDF of the formatted paper for final proof reading and publishing confirmation - in total amount of 500 euros, including VAT/PDV, via PayPal system.

All manuscripts submitted to Materia Socio-Medica are assumed to be submitted under the Gold Open Access publishing model. The manuscripts pass in-house and external peer review. When a manuscript is accepted for publication the corresponding author is contacted with an invoice for payment of editing and publishing fee (please find the payment requisites below). The editing and publishing fees are required for substantive editing, facts and references validations, copy editing, and publishing online and in print by editorial staff of the Journal. No additional fees, other than stated above, are required. The Journal accepts donations from sponsors to create a sum for payment reductions or waivers for authors unable to cover editing and publishing fees (a justification of the inability to pay should be provided). Published papers are posted on the Journal website, Scopemed article deposit, PubMed Central and PubMed for free downloads by readers. Any reproduction is possible with a permission of the authors who retain copyright under the following license agreement: Publication fees should be paid via PayPal.

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