Issue: 2020-32-2

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Articles in Issue: 2020-32-2

What is the Future of Family Medicine in Bosnia and Herzegovina?
PDF - FULL TEXT | DOI: 10.5455/msm.2020.32.88-92
Health-related Quality of Life in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Children with Down Syndrome
PDF - FULL TEXT | DOI: 10.5455/msm.2020.32.93-98
Peritoneal Transport Characteristics at the Beginning and in Long Term Peritoneal Dialysis: a Single Center Experience
PDF - FULL TEXT | DOI: 10.5455/msm.2020.32.-104
Total Serum Immunoglobulin E Levels in Patients with Psoriasis
PDF - FULL TEXT | DOI: 10.5455/msm.2020.32.105-107
Identifying Patients at Higher Risk of Depression Among Patients with Vitiligo at Outpatient Setting
PDF - FULL TEXT | DOI: 10.5455/msm.2020.32.108-111
Awareness and Utilization of ROME Criteria for Diagnosis of Inflammatory Bowel Syndrome among Primary Care Physicians in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
PDF - FULL TEXT | DOI: 10.5455/msm.2020.32.112-116
Association Between Breastfeeding and Obesity in Preschool Children
PDF - FULL TEXT | DOI: 10.5455/msm.2020.32.117-122
Health Implications of Increased Cesarean Section Rates
PDF - FULL TEXT | DOI: 10.5455/msm.2020.32.123-126
Progression Low Squamous Intraepithelial Lesion and Human Papillomavirus Infections
PDF - FULL TEXT | DOI: 10.5455/msm.2020.32.127-130
Assessment of the Antidepressant Side Effects Occurrence in Patients Treated in Primary Care
PDF - FULL TEXT | DOI: 10.5455/msm.2020.32.131-134
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