Issue: 2016-28-5

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Articles in Issue: 2016-28-5

Detection, Ribotyping and Antimicrobial Resistance Properties of Clostridium difficile Strains Isolated From The Cases of Diarrhea
PDF - FULL TEXT | DOI: 10.5455/msm.2016.28.324-328
Neutrophil/Lymphocyte Ratio and Platelet/lymphocyte Ratio in Patients with NSCLC
PDF - FULL TEXT | DOI: 10.5455/msm.2016.28.378-381
A Comparative Study Between Povidone-iodine and Manugel 85 on Surgical Scrub
PDF - FULL TEXT | DOI: 10.5455/msm.2016.28.348-352
Level of Competencies of Family Physicians in Kosovo from Different Perspectives
PDF - FULL TEXT | DOI: 10.5455/msm.2016.28.353-356
Evaluation of Denture-related Factors Predisposing to Denture Stomatitis in a Lebanese Population
PDF - FULL TEXT | DOI: 10.5455/msm.2016.28.392-396
Side to Side Differences Between Dominant and Non-dominant Arm’s Bone Density and Isometric Handgrip Strength in Males and Females Aged 40-65 Years Old
PDF - FULL TEXT | DOI: 10.5455/msm.2016.28.333-337
Prevalence of Gestational Diabetes in the Southern Part of Bosnia and Herzegovina
PDF - FULL TEXT | DOI: 10.5455/msm.2016.28.329-332
The Effect of Perceived Social Support on Hemodialysis Patients’ Quality of Life
PDF - FULL TEXT | DOI: 10.5455/msm.2016.28.338-342
Comparison of Patients’ Admission, Mean and Highest Sofa Scores in Prediction of ICU Mortality: a Prospective Observational Study
PDF - FULL TEXT | DOI: 10.5455/msm.2016.28.343-347
Effect of Perceived Social Support on the Levels of Anxiety and Depression of Hemodialysis Patients
PDF - FULL TEXT | DOI: 10.5455/msm.2016.28.361-365
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