Cerebral palsy (CP) is a set of symptoms that arise as a result of abnormal development or damage to the brain. The goal is to determine the influence of a term and premature birth weight on the occurrence of cerebral palsy. Material and methods: The study included patients with cerebral palsy who were habilitated at the Department of Developmental diagnosis, habilitation and rehabilitation of children’s, Pediatric Clinic, University of Sarajevo during the years 2008 and 2009. Research data were obtained by examining the history of the disease in observed groups of patients. The patients were aged 1-5 years, as a sample for the study, 50 patients were selected. The study was retrospective, and in data processing were used two standard statistical methods. Values of variables are shown in relative numbers and percentages of representation and the results are presented in tables and charts. Chi-square test is used which was aimed to demonstrate the possible correlation between the measured values. Results: Of 50 patients with cerebral palsy in 2008 was 32 (64%), of which 24 males and 8 females, in 2009 there was 18 (36%) patients, of which 8 male and 10 female. 34 (68%) children were born before term, 13 (26%) in term, and 3 (6%) post-term. 33 children diagnosed with CP were born with weight less than 2500 grams, 12 with a weight between 2500 and 4000 grams and 5 over 4000 grams. Of the total number of children 34 (68%) is born before term, 33 (66%) were born with lower weight, 30 (60%) before term and low birth weight, while 38 (76%) either before term or with low birth weight. In the study group, 18 (36%) children had and perinatal asphyxia, while 32 (64%) did not have it. 39 (78%) children were born naturally, 10 (20%) were born by cesarean section, while 1 (2%) child was born by a vacuum extraction. Chi-square test confirmed that there is a statistically significant correlation between the premature birth and occurrence of cerebral palsy. In this case it was 0.0493 or below 0.05 (p [Mater Sociomed 2011; 23(1.000): 7-10]

term and weight at premature birth, cerebral palsy

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