Aim: The aim of this study was to evaluate serum and stimulated whole saliva 25-hydroxy vitamin D (25-(OH)D) levels in women with/without oral dryness (OD) feeling. Methods and materials: A case-control study was carried out in 91 selected menopausal women aged 47 – 77 years with or without OD feeling (45 as case and 46 as control) conducted at the Clinic of Oral Medicine, Tehran university of medical sciences. Paraffinstimulated saliva samples were obtained by expectoration. The serum and saliva 25-(OH)D concentrations were measured by ELISA. Statistical analysis of Student’s t-test was used. Results: No significant difference was found in serum and stimulated whole saliva 25-(OH)D concentrations between the two groups. Conclusions: It seems that there is no relationship between OD feeling and stimulated whole saliva or serum 25-(OH) D in menopausal women. [Mater Sociomed 2011; 23(1.000): 4-6]

25-hydroxy vitamin D; Menopause; Oral dryness feeling; Stimulated whole saliva; Serum

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