In the age structure of population of Una-Sana Canton, the population of school children and youth participate with 20.81%. It speaks about the importance of each research and prevention activities aimed at this population. The survey was made in 2008 among the pupils of a secondary schools in the town of Bihac and has covered a total of 713 students in three secondary schools: Medical School, Technical School and the Gymnasium of Bihac. Of the total number of respondents 50.5% were female, and 49.5% male. Most of them are between 15 and 18 years old. Survey contained questions relating to healthy lifestyles, with special emphasis on diet and physical activity, and bad habits of consumption of tobacco, alcohol and drugs. Recreation, as a healthy lifestyle, is not practiced by 28% of students, while 66.8% of students are not practicing any of the sports. Among those who enjoy recreation, the largest percentage is those who practice only twice a week. On issues relating to the enjoyment of tobacco 68.6% responded that they do not smoke, 12.6% smoke occasionally, 6.2% often smoke, 11.5% said that they smoke constantly and 1.1% gave no answer. When asked about the age in which they started smoking, we obtained data on nearly equal dispersion of smoking beginning in the age of 10 to 18 years. The survey showed that 44.2% of respondents consumed alcohol, 52.1% do not consume, and 3.6% gave no answer. Respondents declare that they drink with friends, or during the holidays. As the reason for drinking, respondents indicated a sense of comfort, curiosity, someone convincing them, or because they feel adult. A large percentage of students (62.3%) stated that they know nothing about drugs, while 9.5% of the respondents stated that the tried drugs. Most experimented with marijuana, followed by ecstasy and glue sniffing. Unfortunately, in the last ten years, in the USC, deaths due to drug overdose were recorded. In such circumstances it is necessary to act preventively. The actions should be oriented towards the family, school and public media. Well-organized and preventive-oriented medical service is of great importance in the prevention of unhealthy lifestyle and drug addiction, especially among high-risk groups. [Mater Sociomed 2009; 21(3.000): 134-136]

high school, smoking, alcohol, drugs, healthy lifestyle, preventive activities

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