Many authors wrote about the participation of women in the war in BiH and beyond. These were the women in role of health professional. So in our area during the World War II there is mentioning of Dr. Olga Dedijer, Dr. Irina Knezevic, Dr. Rosa Papo, Dr. Julka Mestrovic, Dr. Frida Gutman, partisan nurse Vuja (Hanika Altrac) and others. Participation of women in BiH during the 1992-1995 war, also, was numerous and significant. According to the original data in the Army of BiH there were 5360 recruited women. They were on different functions from those that were engaged in logistic activities, to the well-known fighters. For example, on the army poster was for the long time picture of Ms Kiselica Semsa. Because of their courage in carrying out successful assignments they were called “Amazon women”. Fadila Odzakovic – called Zuta (Yellow), received the award “Medal for courage,” and the living recipients of the biggest award during the war, the “Golden lily”, was awarded to Fadila Bajric, Zlata Gazibera, Dzevada Tataragic and Aida Zuko. Posthumously awarded are Emira Basic, Mevlida Elcic, Kornelija Juric, Atifa Karalic, Razija Merica, Indira Pjanic and Nevzeta Sefer. Besides they are posthumously awarded with the “Golden lily”, Fadila Odzakovic–Zuta and Edina Camdzic are also awarded with the “Order of the golden coat of arms with swords” or the medal for bravery. Dervisevic Satka received international recognition for a nursing care, Florence Nightingale Award, and Ms. Advija Custovic received the rank of Major for participation in the defense of the country. The review will present the characters of the brave women who have a motivating effect on the current generations. [Mater Sociomed 2009; 21(3.000): 175-178]

Army of Republic of BiH, women, bravery, acknowledgements

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