Introduction: Current, standard procedure for evaluation of axillary lymph node pathological (PH) status has been sentinel lymph node biopsy (SLNB). To demonstrate the long-term validity of sentinel lymph node biopsy (SLNB) using the radioactive isotope only Technetium 99m albumin-colloid (Tc99m) we compared the loco-regional recurrence and mortality of breast cancer patients with negative SLNB without axillary lymph node dissection (ALND) (SLNB group) to that of lymph node-positive patients undergoing ALND (ALND group). Aim: The aim of our study is to evaluate the results of long-term monitoring of patients with early invasive breast cancer in which the radio-actively guided axillary SLN biopsy and complete ALND were studied, with special emphasis on local-regional recurrence and mortality. Patients and methods: We studied a total of 63 patients with T1-2early invasive breast cancer diagnosed at Clinic for general and abdominal surgery, Clinical Center University of Sarajevo (CCUS) between 2004 and 2007, with follow-up till 2013, retrospectively, who met the criteria for inclusion. Preoperative peritumorous injection of radioactive isotope (Tc99m albumin-colloid) is done on the Clinic for Endocrine and Nuclear Medicine-CCUS. Intra and postoperative pathohistological (PH)examination of SLN node (or nodes) and PH examination of lymph nodes after complete ALND was done at the Clinic for Clinical Pathology and Cytology-CCUS. Statistical evaluation was done by statistical program MedCalc Statistical Software, version 18.10. Depending on the given variables were used: mean, standard deviation, median values, 95% CI for median value, Chi-square test, D'Agostino-Pearson test, Kaplan-Maier curve of survival. Defined level of significance was p < 0,05. Results: The SLNB group consisted of 33 SLN-negative women and ALND group consisted of 30 axillary lymph node-positive women. The sentinel node identification rate was 100%. In the SLNB group no patients has developed axillary recurrence during the follow-up. The mortality rate in the SLNB group was equivalent to that in the ALND group. Conclusions: The SLN biopsy conducted with only a radioactive isotope TC 99m have the same results as loco-regional recurrence and mortality as well as the complete ALND method and may be the method of choice for the treatment of axillary in breast cancer patients and the clinically negative axillary lymph node (or nodules) with the notion that patients should be micro metastases given special attention during long-term monitoring. [Mater Sociomed 2018; 30(4.000): 255-259]

breast cancer; sentinel lymph node biopsy

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