Definition of the problem: The term pregnancies with adverse outcome including spontaneous abortion, stillbirth and birth with congenital anomalies. Material and Methods: We analyzed pregnancies with adverse outcome in the Zenicko-Dobojski Canton during the period 2006-2009. The materials used during research, were regular statistical reports of the Department of Gynecology, perinatology and neonatology Cantonal Hospital in Zenica, and reports of the Institute for Public Health Zenicko-Dobojski Canton. Following data was taken from the histories of subjects: general outcome of pregnancy (considered as a successful and unsuccessful pregnancy, in particular the total number of abortions, stillbirths and births of children with anomalies), mother age, women who underwent amniocentesis and those that needed to be done , previous significant pregnancy illnesses, family history, father’s age. For the statistical analysis, we used relative numbers, determine the arithmetic mean and standard deviation. Research results: Show that 19.25% of pregnancies ended with an adverse outcome in the Zenicko-Dobojski Canton in the three years studied. Of these, most spontaneous abortions, 73.4% were related to women with an age of 20-35. Looking at the results of research in 2009. the most outstanding figures was that only 12.5% of pregnant women had regular checkups. The largest number of the unemployed and housewives with primary and secondary schools. Of these women 16.4% had other illnesses (hypertensive disease in pregnancy and diabetes mellitus). The previous pregnant women had abortions 36.7% and 8% had recurrent habitual abortions. Of these 25% were primipare. Smokers were 12.4%. Conclusions: Our results show that the number of pregnancies with an adverse outcome increases with the number of previous spontaneous abortions. Because of irregular pregnancy checkups we have a low amniocentesis uptake and a lack of genetic consultations which should be of high interest for a gynecologist and perinatologist in certain cases. [Mater Sociomed 2011; 23(1.000): 18-22]

Genetic causes of unsuccessful pregnancies, spontaneous abortion, stillbirth

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