In early 2007 the decision was made to start the project to implement quality systems according to ISO 9001:2008 at the Cantonal Institute for Public Health in Zenica. Gaining certification in June 2009 completed the first phase of project implementation. This initial stage, besides commitment to building quality, and the formation of the department for the quality lead by a quality manager, has marked the preparation of project documents: the Rules of quality, quality policy, objectives, functional and process models of the Institute, and procedures that detail the processes of the Institute. Also, the drafting of accreditation standards for public health in cooperation with the Federal Agency for Quality and Accreditation in Health Care was started. With these activities the Cantonal Institute for Public Health in Zenica will improve their work processes. With the acquired experience the Institute wants to help and encourage other National Institutes of Public Health on the implementation of quality systems. This would contribute to strengthening the field of public health in Bosnia and Herzegovina. [Mater Sociomed 2009; 21(3.000): 166-169]

quality management, benefits, public health

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