Goal: To analyze the appearance of neurodevelopmental disorders in children delivered post-term and to find out whether prolonged pregnancy may be a cause of such disorders in a selected group participants. Patients and methods: This study included a cohort of 34 children born post-term suffering from neurodevelopmental disorders who were treated at the Service for psycho-physiological and speaking disorders in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina during an 18-year period. Results: There were 59.4% of male and 40.6% female patients (P=0.002). The most common neurodevelopmental disorder in the sample was intellectual disability (38.2%), followed by epilepsy (26.4%), delayed psychomotor development (14.7%), and cerebral palsy (11.7%) (P [Mater Sociomed 2016; 28(2.000): 99-103]

post-term delivery, neurodevelopmental disorders

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