Google Scholar analysis of the journal in 2017 indicates that the h5 index of the journal is 14, and the h5 median 26 (for the period until 2015, the h5 index for Materia Socio Medica was 8 and h5 median was 9).



The average time for review of manuscript from the first notification to the author is about 14 days. All manuscripts rst go through the analysis of the Editorial Board, and a er the rst evaluation and selection the promising articles are sent on a double blind peer review process.


18.12.2017. During 2017, four issues of the Materia Socio-Medica journal were published, with a total number of 60 papers. Of the total number of published articles, 81.6% were articles classified as original research. During 2016, this percentage was 64.5%. A total of 185 papers have been submitted to the journal in 2017 (two are in…


23.07.2017. Journal follows ICMJE recommendations Duplicate Submission Authors should not submit the same manuscript, in the same or different languages, simultaneously to more than one journal. The rationale for this standard is the potential for disagreement when two (or more) journals claim the right to publish a manuscript that has been sub- mitted simultaneously to…


Author instructions – Clinical Trial registration – http://www.icmje.org/ recommendations/browse/ publishing-and-editorial- issues/clinical-trial- registration.html


Materia Socio Medica will support continuing professional development (CPD) by creating journal sections for students, ongoing researchers, and specialists interested in CPD credits, as well as by acknowledging contributors for publishing and reviewing activities.


The journal was founded in 1978 and then was registered as Materia Socio Medica Iugoslavica – scientific and professional journal of the Yugoslav Association of Social Medicine. The founder of the journal was the Section for Social Medicine of the Association of Physicians of B&H, otherwise one of the alliance members of the Association of…


Peer Review Process

All manuscripts are considered to be confidential and they are peer reviewed by at least 2 reviewers. The corresponding author will be notified as soon as possible of the editor decision about manuscript.